Take the Test

When a test taker receives test from a hiring manager, he needs to think about test scenarios and the most effective way to find as many bugs as possible.


A dynamic algorithm will record the test taker's action and provide a score based on a preset of well recognized categories.

Report Results

Test scores and other user inputs will be provided to either hiring managers or test takers.

Provide Suggestions

A list of comprehensive action based suggestions will be provided to help with a more informed decision making.

Interactive Results. It'll blow your mind.

Measure your results against the competition. Set up configurable thresholds to key in on specific QA qualities you desire.

Why Test Exchange? See for yourself.

QA testers are testing your software. But who is testing the testers? How do we know if we find the right tester for the job?

Most professionals in software industry go through years of training in school before dipping their toes into the water called real world, and their ability can be simply and effectively tested during interviews.

Software assurance engineers however as a profession have no training in school. There is no easy way to know if a tester can really do the work. Recruiting QA becomes doubly difficult when the job is open to new professionals.

TestExchange.IO provides companies a simple yet powerful way to test the testers. Sign up with us and try test the tesers with your next QA hire absolutely free!